“I had the opportunity to work with Slobodnik Construction Group over the past six years through a variety of new construction and modernization projects.  Tom and his crew have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the success of each project by their attention to detail on all phases:  including scheduling, quality control, communication, administration and documentation. They have shown their ability to collaborate as team players and have been willing to be flexible with on-site schedules that are required when working around the timetables of the zoo and its visitors.  Safety is also regarded as a top priority with Slobodnik Construction Group as they show extreme regard for zoo staff and members of the public.  Tom is a true professional and takes great pride in his workmanship and consistently delivers a quality product.”

-Brian Timm, Director of Facilities, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium


“From Tom to his project managers to his handpicked subcontractors and tradesmen, everyone at Slobodnik Construction is focused on quality. If some aspect of construction does not meet the Slobodnik standard, it is simply redone so that it does – and that rework is not done at the owner’s expense!… Another positive of doing business with Slobodnik Construction is their accounting process. Every bill comes when it is supposed to and includes copies of the subcontractor’s invoices. Any change orders are agreed to in advance and clearly documented in the billing process.”

-Joe and Judy Graham

“Slobodnik Construction Group (SCG) was instrumental in building the Fremont Contract Carriers corporate headquarters in Fremont, NE in 2005 and an additional maintenance facility in Council Bluffs, IA in 2017 along with many other improvement projects in Fremont between 2005 and 2017.  Over the years, we have gotten to know Tom and Lori Slobodnik very well, to the point that we are truly good friends.  Tom and Lori have always been trustworthy and finished every project on-time or early.  I am always impressed with the quality of their work and their attention to detail.   Whenever we have had questions about a project, they always take the time to answer those questions.  Tom and Lori have surrounded themselves with good, quality staff and that makes their company even stronger and more dependable.”

-Mike Herre, President, Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc.


Note: All of our employees and sub-contractors have passed a rigorous back ground check process through One-Source, Inc.. This provides all of our clients with the confidence of having quality staff working in or on their projects. Confidentiality is also a concern for SCG to protect our clients.

“We first approached Tom in 2012 concerning a master bedroom remodel. We also got bids from 2 other contractors so we had numbers to compare. Tom was the highest bidder but he also provided a meticulous bid form with many things the other companies did not mention. Remodel jobs are very difficult to nail down exact costs and Tom anticipated many issues and fortunately he had factored in money for the other things that tend to show up. We had many “change orders” because of unforeseen problems and SCG worked through the issues and still was able to come in under bid.

Now we come to last year. This was a complete remodel of our kitchen, living room, foyer, music room, sunroom and roof. The scope of the job was huge (at least to us). However, this time we did not seek other bids. Our confidence with SCG is such that we knew they would be the highest bidder but their attention to detail would be worth the cost. They again performed as before. We have a beautiful Kitchen/Living room with a cathedral ceiling. Their bid was right on the money. There were savings in some things and extra costs on others. But they balanced out in the end.”

-Steve Krause